Search is on for murdered woman's car

A massive search is underway in Florida and Alabama for a murdered woman's car.

Peggy Phillips-Broz was found dead outside her home Friday morning. The 52-year-old woman's car is missing.

Her murder has sent shock waves through the small community in Lillian, Alabama.

Broz worked as a respiratory therapist at Baptist Hospital for more than 30 years. She would commute between the hospital in Pensacola to her home.

It was after a shift at the hospital that a family member found Broz dead in her yard.

Deputies with the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) were called to the scene around 8 a.m.

Family members and friends have stopped by to find out the news.

Deputies say that Broz's car was taken Friday morning around the time she was killed. They are now looking for the car, but they have not said how Broz died.

"We've been careful working this scene," explained BCSO Major Anthony Lowery. "It's taken most, part of the day you've been here, it's one of those things you only get one opportunity to work a crime scene. We've gone very slow and very diligent with what we are doing and at this point we still want to hold some of that information close to the vest. We want to keep the integrity of the investigation held together."

Deputies say Broz's car, a white 2003 Chrysler Concorde with a dent or scratch on the front right panel, is missing. It has an Alabama plate with the tag number 1HM46.

It's possible more than one person took the car. Investigators say there maybe two people involved, but there is no description available at this time.

If you come in contact with anyone driving that car call 911 immediately and do not approach those near or inside the car. Deputies are considering them to be armed and dangerous.

In a statement, Baptist Health Care confirmed she worked for the medical center as a respiratory therapist.

We are grieving over the loss of Peggy Broz. She worked here for more than 30 years. Our prayers are with her family and loved ones.
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