Where is Tiffany Daniels? Mom suspects human trafficking

Tiffany Daniels disappeared on August 12, 2013. She was 25 years old.

The last time anyone saw Tiffany, she was leaving her job as a set designer in the theatre department at Pensacola State College. Her Toyota 4 Runner was found eight days later near the entrance of Fort Pickens, her cell phone and bicycle inside. That was the last trace of her that was ever found.

In the months following Tiffany's disappearance, investigators received tips from people in Florida and Louisiana. But, each tip turned into a dead end.

Tiffany Daniels' parents have not given up the search for her. They believe she is still alive.

Cindy Daniels believes her daughter was kidnapped and forced into the modern slave trade of human trafficking. "Its an avenue that a lot of people don't want to look down when their children are missing. They just can't be afraid of it. It's not a pretty avenue, but it's an avenue," said Daniels.

Thursday, on Channel 3 News, Anthony Pura talks to Cindy Daniels about the loss of her daughter and her suspicions about what happened to Tiffany.
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