6-year-old boy hoping for birthday wishes after no one shows up to party

Photo: MGN Online

TUCSON, Ariz. (WZTV) — A photo of a birthday boy surrounded by pizza and drinks is going viral after no one showed up to the party.

KSAZ reported 6-year-old Tuscon, Arizona boy Teddy invited his 32 classmates to his special day on Oct. 21 - but none came.

Teddy's mom, Sil Mazzini, posted the photo online and it's since tugged at the heartstrings of hundreds of thousands.

The party was being held at a local "Peter Piper Pizza," but Teddy didn't have any classmates to share his pizza, drinks or day with.

Mazzini had planned the party a few weeks after Teddy's actual birthday, so the boy's dad, who works in Alaska, could be there. Mazzini told KSAZ that she even made goodie bags for Teddy's classmates and had confirmed with some parents the day before that some invitees were coming.

Teddy has since been invited by the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Rising to attend games free of charge this week. He's slated to go to a game on Friday.

Let's all wish Teddy a Happy Birthday!

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