Kidnapped teen knew for a year her "mother" abducted her

The teenager kidnapped from a Jacksonville hospital 18 years ago knew the truth.

According to the arrest report Kamiyah Mobley knew for at least a year that Gloria Williams took her just hours after she was born.

She told a friend the story and that is who called the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Williams is being held without bond until her next court date in February.

Kamiyah Mobley, the girl kidnapped from a Jacksonville hospital 18 years ago, is speaking out.

Mobley was raised as Alexis Manigo, taken just eight hours after she was born.

She spoke about Gloria Williams Wednesday defending the woman now charged in her kidnapping.

"I still love her. I still feel the same way about her. Nothing. There's nothing different. There's nothing different. I'm processing it, like I said. But I’m a big girl” said Mobley.

The teen told ABC's "Good Morning America" in an interview broadcast Wednesday that the woman charged in her abduction, 51-year-old Williams, "will always be mom."

Deputies say DNA tests confirmed Williams was not Mobley’s mother.

But the 18-year-old also said she wanted to give her birth parents a chance, saying she owed them the opportunity to get to know her. She met with Craig Aiken and Shanara Mobley last weekend in Walterboro, South Carolina, where she was found earlier this month.

She said she knows her life would have been different had she not been kidnapped. She said discovering another family gives her more love.

Williams made her first appearance in a Florida courtroom yesterday.

She is charged with kidnapping and interfering with custody.

Mobley said it was hard to see Williams in handcuffs, calling her "a gentle woman."

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