‘Now You Feel How It Is’: Chilling audio of Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen’s 911 calls

‘Now You Feel How It Is’: Chilling audio of Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen’s 911 calls. (MGN Online)

ORLANDO (CBS12) - Tonight, we’re hearing the voice of a mass murderer.

Officials released 911 calls that captured Orlando shooter Omar Mateen talking with police during his terrorist attack.

We’ve known for some time why the Pulse Nightclub shooter committed the worst mass shooting in recent history.

But now, it’s the first time we hear Mateen say it.

A judge ordered the City of Orlando to make these audio recordings public under an open records request.

Attorneys for media organizations argued the public can better scrutinize how police responded to this terrorist attack.

But families of the murdered victims say hearing the voice of a cold killer re-opens old wounds.

(Dispatcher): "911. This call is being recorded."

(Mateen): [Speaking in Arabic] "This is Mateen. I want to let you know I'm in Orlando and I did the shooting."

That call came in at 2:35am, as police dispatchers were swamped with calls related to the Pulse Nightclub shooting.

(Police Dispatcher): "Ok, what is your name?

(Mateen): "I pledge my allegiance to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi on behalf of the Islamic State.

(Police Dispatcher): Where are you at?

The 911 call captures police negotiators strategizing among themselves about how best to talk to Mateen, who hung up several times.

(Negotiator): "Is this still connected, (yeah), I'm listening. But you need to talk to me."

Mateen tells the police negotiator with an emphatic tone that the U.S. government needs to stop bombings in Syria and Iraq.

At times he raises his voice in anger, threatening to set off explosives outside the nightclub.

But chillingly, you also hear the voice of a man killing without remorse.

(Negotiator): "So can you tell me how we can peacefully resolve this tonight? I'd like to see you come out, I'd like to talk to you some more."

(Mateen): "Tell -- tell the F----ng -- the

air strikes need to stop."

(Negotiator): "I'm doing that. I'm passing

that message along, immediately."

(Mateen): "You see, now you feel, now you

feel how it is, now you feel how it is."

Throughout the three-hour long standoff, the negotiator repeatedly tries to get Mateen to share information so that police can better plan for when they enter the nightclub.

Eventually, police breached a wall and killed Mateen in a shootout.

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