Records: Tennessee elder home hid resident in 'storage'

FILE - A home health aide holds an elderly person's hand, Aug. 25, 2014. (NationalHospice via MGN)

Authorities say a Tennessee home for the elderly kept an off-the-books resident in "storage" to hide her from police and state inspectors.

The Tennessean reports the eight-bed Caring Estates home was ordered this week to stop accepting new patients after a September investigation revealed multiple violations.

Records show inspectors found an elderly woman in a room an employee described as "storage." The employee gave a fake name for the woman, but the woman introduced herself to a state inspector by her real name.

Inspection documents showed another resident developed an ulcer when employees failed to elevate her legs. She died within a month of leaving.

The facility can continue to operate with its current residents but is under the supervision of a state-appointed monitor.

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