Secret Service stumped by card skimmer found in Alabama gas station


SHELBY COUNTY, Ala. (WBMA) — The U.S. Secret Service said it has not seen a card skimmer like the one discovered by a customer at gas station near Birmingham, Al.

Johnny Chergotakos said he was checking out at the register of a RaceWay gas station when he noticed something wrong as he swiped his credit card.

"At first I thought I just broke their machine.”

The machine was working. So was the skimmer placed over it. Chergotakos documented his discovery on Facebook after he notified the police and the gas station owner.

The Secret Service confirms surveillance video inside the store shows a person coming into the store late at night and installing the skimmer. The agency did not say how long it had been there. They encourage anyone who has visited the gas station recently to check their bank accounts for fraudulent charges.

"They seemed as shocked as me. I don't think they had any knowledge of it being there," said Chergotakos of the cashier's reaction.

Card skimmers have been a costly problem for years, but investigators say they cannot recall a time when one was placed at a register's card machine. The skimmer was fastened with double-sided tape according to the authorities. Some skimmers store a card's information while others transmit them through a wireless connection.

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