Some residents are ignoring Hurricane Florence evacuation orders

Rob Quinn boards up Lagerheads Tavern in Wrightsville Beach, N.C. as they prepare for Hurricane Florence Monday, Sept. 10, 2018. (Ken Blevins /The Star-News via AP)

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) Some residents in the Outer Banks have decided to ignore a mandatory evacuation order.

Liz Browning Fox in the village of Buxton is one of them. The 65-year-old Fox says her 88-year-old mother has refused to evacuate her house next door so she's going to stay with her.

She says her brother who lives nearby is also going to stay.

Fox says she feels safe in her home, but realizes that if she and her mother get in trouble during the storm, no first-responders are going to arrive to help them. She says anyone who plans to stay "needs to be pretty well set up."

The longtime resident is a volunteer for the community radio station, Radio Hatteras. She says she will help broadcast emergency messages during the storm.

Despite her resolve to stay, Fox admits she woke up in the pre-dawn hours asking herself why she had decided to stay.

She says what she most fears are the tornadoes that often develop along with hurricanes. Those, she says, "can tear through anything."

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