Woman almost loses leg after infection, disease blamed on pedicure

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    The infection that a North Carolina woman contracted at a 'grade A salon' urged her to issue a warning to other pedicure lovers.

    According to a Facebook post, on June 22 Tracy Lynn Martinez went to get a pedicure at her local salon in Winston, North Carolina.

    The next day, she said that she had body chills, nausea, and dizziness. She tried to sleep it off but when she woke up her leg had swollen to three times its size.

    Martinez called an ambulance and shortly after doctors diagnosed her with a severe case of cellulitis.

    Cellulitis is a disease developed from a strep infection coming from a 'callus cutter' which is used to slice the dead skin of the balls of feet.

    It took Martinez two weeks in the hospital to reach stabilization and she is now on a three month course of medication along with compression socks that she is required to wear.

    She said the salon seemed very clean and the people were nice but she was unaware that the tool they were using to cut the dead skin off the balls of her feet is actually banned in North Carolina, as in many other states.

    Martinez urges other salon goers to be cautious of what tools are being used on them. Anything slicing or cutting could lead to infections that last forever.

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