WWII, Korean War veteran in Tennessee finally gets diploma from high school

Image: WTVC

RED BANK, Tenn. (WTVC) - A 93-year-old man became the latest student at Red Bank High School in Tennessee to receive his high school diploma on Monday.

Yes, you could say it was long overdue - but Sam Stansell has a legitimate excuse.

In 1942, while he was a senior at Red Bank High, he dropped out to go serve the nation during World War II.

Josh Roe introduced us to Stansell earlier this year. Stansell spent some of the major battles in the Pacific Theater of WWII in the engine room on the USS Saratoga. He was at the battle of Guadacanal, the Solomans, the Gilberts and Marshalls, and Battle of Iwo Jima.

But he never got his high school diploma, something Red Bank High School officials fixed on Monday.

Hamilton County Judge Russell Bean saw Josh's report on Stansell, and reached out to the school.

On Monday morning, Stansell received his diploma in front of a crowd of current students, who were all inspired by his story.

In addition to getting that diploma, Stansell is now a member of the Red Bank High School Hall of Fame.

Watch Josh Roe interview Stansell in an earlier "The Price of Freedom" segment here.

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