Dothan rings in the New Year with a "Nut Drop"

Photo courtesy: Nick Trawick

Why not have a downtown event that stirred up some business? Why not give locals the option of coming downtown and dressing to the nines for a pre-midnight event, or just letting folks walk out of their homes and drive downtown to see something drop out of the sky – or at least from a pretty tall crane?

That’s a direct quote from the Dothan Eagle, a news station local to Dothan, Alabama.

Wanting to have a celebration for their community, the Dothan Downtown Redevelopment Agency went to work. The group thought there was no better way to ring in the New Year in the Peanut Capital of the country than with a “Nut Drop.”

Unfortunately, the peanut was overshadowed by the balloon net which looked less like a peanut and more like…well, you get it.

Photo courtesy: Nick Trawick

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