Toddler's social media search for lost stuffed animal goes viral

Toddler's social media search for lost stuffed animal goes viral. (WWMT/Cyrus Raymond)

LOWELL, Mich. (WWMT) - A West Michigan toddler's search for his missing stuffed horse called Bob has gone viral.

More than 1,000 people have shared a Facebook post from the boy's mother, who says the toy was lost at Genesys Hospital in Flint.

Bob the stuffed horse is very much missed by 3-year-old Mason Browning, who lost the toy while visiting his grandmother at the hospital.

Mason is an active and excited boy who likes doing Tai-chi with Bob.

Mason received a "backup Bob" the last time the real Bob went missing, but he's refusing to give up on his friend.

Mason said, "I want him to come home with all of us."

His parents, Gerald and Jennifer Browning, of Lowell, desperately searched the hospital the night Bob went missing.

Jennifer said, "We stayed at the hospital about two hours that night talking to security, talking to housekeeping, everyone we could who may have saw. Even nurses just walking by."

The Browning family thought a post on social media might help find the original Bob. They were shocked by the response.

Gerald said, "Over the weekend it's got 200 shares, really? Three-hundred shares, are you serious? Four-hundred shares, 500 shares."

The Brownings say people can relate to their son’s dilemma.

Gerald said, “I remember having a Bob, Jennifer has a Bob, I think many people have a Bob.”

Mason is very thankful so many are trying to bring his buddy home.

Mason said, “I like Bob when I posted it on Facebook and the website."

The Browning family say they plan to return to Genesys Hopsital later this week to see if Bob turns up in the parking lot as the snow begins to melt.

If you've seen Bob, you're asked to call the Genesys Hospital security office.

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