Viral video: Walmart employee fired, apologizes after argument with customer goes viral

Viral video: Walmart employee fired, apologizes after argument with customer goes viral (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) It’s not pretty, it’s loud and Laja Jefferson said it’s the exact moment when she just lost it.

“As it’s going on, I’m like 'ugh, I wish I didn’t let her get me to that point'. I really do regret it,” said Jefferson.

It was a screaming match between a Walmart employee and a customer, and it was caught on video that has since gone viral.

WARNING: The video contains strong language.

Jefferson said she was working the front of the store at Walmart near Admiral and Memorial over the weekend. One of her coworkers asked a customer, the woman in the red, to see her receipt. The woman said "no" with some intensity.

“She got really close to her face and told her she almost got her… beat,” said Jefferson.

She said she stepped in and that’s when things got worse.

Another Walmart shopper, Lacretia Durant, started recording.

“The customer was kind of refusing to show her receipt to the other older employee,” said Durant.

Durant posted her video to Facebook. In just a few days it's been viewed more than 170K views. She said she understands why the Walmart clerk got angry.

“The customer kind of threatened her, put her hands on her, she shoved her a little bit,” said Durant.

But Walmart said that’s still no excuse. They fired Jefferson and released a statement to Channel 8: “We expect our associates to treat customers with respect at all times. We do not tolerate actions like those seen in this video and the individual involved is no longer with the company.”

Jefferson said she understands why she was let go, but she does have one thing to say.

“I blew up, that’s not me. That’s out of character for me. No matter what she said to me, I feel like I should apologize to her being the person that I am,” said Jefferson.

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