Raw Video: Rep. Jeff Miller on Orlando terror attack, gun control, ISIS, VA issues

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00:00:20:09The Justice Dept. is the ones that came out and said that they weren't gonna defend the law, the very law that the president lauded two years ago after the debacle was discovered in Phoenix :33 and I think that the White House and the administration, they're the executive branch, they are supposed to enforce the laws that we the legislative body passes :42 and if it is unconstitutional, which I don't believe it is, that's the Supreme Court's role :48

00:01:00:53Again, the idea of what is clearly constitutional, in my opinion is the Supreme Court's responsibility, but look, we're not going to wait for this thing to fester and continue to be an issue. We're looking at ways that we can help strengthen the process whereby the Dept. of Veterans Affairs and for that matter all federal agencies can hold people accountable 1:27 It makes absolutely no sense that a felon, a convicted felon, can get their job back at V.A. and V.A. will basically say, 'Look, come on back.'" 1:39

00:01:56:13Hey, it'd be great if they were already firing people but they have done very little to hold people accountable especially in the wait-time issue 2:04:23 but in other issues as well 2:06 We have people that have participated in armed robberies that are still working at the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. 2:13 It makes absolutely no sense that they will not hold people accountable. 2:19 What I think needs to happen is we all need to sit down together and have an open and honest discussion on how we can reform the Civil Service laws and rules that exist today 2:31 that prevent people from being held accountable 2:34

00:02:43:25Obviously the Dept. of Veterans Affairs chooses to listen to the Dept. of Justice, again, that determination needs to be made at the Supreme Court level 2:53 They need to go forward. The D.O.J. needs to be able to defend the law that the president has signed 2:59 We passed that law two years ago to give them another tool to hold people accountable 3:06 But as I said, I think it's important that we all work together -- the House, the Senate, and the Executive Branch -- to try to find ways that we can hold people accountable. 3:15 V.A. has told us time and time again in hearings 3:18 that they already have the tools that they need to hold people accountable 3:22 but they just are not using them. 3:24

00:03:37:08Look, Congress will come back into session again in the 115th Congress in January. The new chairman of the committee will pick up the torch. It's not about me and what I can accomplish. It's about the trajectory that the committee and this congress can set 3:52 For appeals reform, for accountability, for transparency within the agency, things that are sorely needed 4:00 and the V.A. is moving at a snail's pace 4:02

00:04:19:33The accountability provision causes me issues because it actually in my opinion lengthens the time that it takes. What we're trying to do was to get the employee an answer 4:31 whether it was a positive or a negative for response to a disciplinary action, get that answer quicker 4:38 not let it stretch out long. What I see in the Senate bill is the possibility of the process actually being lengthened for accountability 4:47 and it taking up to two years to fire an individual 4:51

00:05:02:36::Laugh:: I'm going to do something, I, at this point, don't know what that's going to be. My wife and I will have an opportunity to discuss future employment possibilities in the future, but right now it's a typical answer that folks in elected office give, but I'm focused on fulfilling the last six months of my chairmanship 5:23

00:05:33:57The people that have already put their names forward have been preparing themselves by attending the committee hearings, asking the questions, getting up to speed, and they know what are the issues at the department, that need to be resolved, need to be fixed. They also know what the veteran community is saying and we've been listening very closely to what the veterans service organizations have been saying about what needs to be accomplished at the department 6:01

00:06:08:20I think the fact that we brought the department to task on the need for accountability and transparency 6:16 What bothers me now is that the department is trying to rewrite history especially when it comes to the wait-time manipulation. It happened. 6:26 Rob Nabors who became the chief of staff was sent over from the White House basically as a hired gun if you will to find out what the truth was. He said it was a systemic problem. 6:37 The I.G. said it was a systemic problem. And now the department is trying to say, "well, that's two years behind us. It reallly didn't happen. It wasn't a big deal. It was overblown by the media." The fact remains that it's a true problem that remains today 6:53 Thank you, Francis, great to be with you. 6:59

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