Prep Football Schedule

Thursday, Aug 25 (Week 1)

WFT at Escambia (7:30)

Friday, Aug. 26 (Week 1)

Lincoln at Niceville (7:00)

PHS at Pine Forest (7:30) WFGX

Choctaw at Gulf Breeze (7:00)

Milton at Washington (7:30)

Navarre at Catholic (7:30)

Pace at FWB (7:00)

Tate at Biloxi (7:00)

Northview at Crestview (7:00)

Holmes County at Baker (7:00)

Flomaton at Jay (7:00)

Freeport at Cottondale (7:00)

Rocky Bayou at Bozeman (7:00)

Liberty County at South Walton (7:00)

Walton at Blountstown (7:00)

Opp at T.R. Miller (7:00)

Bayside at Faith Academy (7:00)

W.S. Neal at Tallassee (7:00)

Atmore at Wilcox Central (7:00)

Escambia Academy off


Friday, Sept. 2 (Week 2)

Pine Forest at Choctaw (7:00)

Escambia at Niceville (7:00)

PHS at Pace (7:30)

Washington at Navarre (7:30)

WFT at Tate (7:30)

FWB at Arnold (7:00)

Baker at Blountstown (7:00)

Gulf Breeze at Catholic (7:30) WFGX

Mosley at Crestview (7:00)

Lake Area (LA) at Milton (7:30)

Escambia Academy at Northview (7:00)

Jay at Resurrection Catholic (7:00)

Freeport at Wewahitchka (7:00)

Cornerstone Charter at Rocky Bayou (7:00)

South Walton at Walton (7;00)

Cottage Hill at T.R. Miller (7:00) (1-3A)

Flomaton at Hillcrest-Evergreen (7:00) (1-3A)

Clarke Co. at Bayside (7:00) (1-3A)

Thomasville at W.S. Neal (7:00) (1-4A)

UMS-Wright at Atmore (7:00) (1-4A)


Friday, Sept. 9 (Week 3)

Catholic at Escambia (7:00)

Washington at PHS (7:30)

FWB at Milton (7:30) WFGX

Pine Forest at Pace (7:30)

Godby at Niceville (7:00)

W. Gadsden at Tate (7:30)

Kemper Co. MS at WFT (7:00)

Choctaw at Rickards (7:00ET?)

Crestview at Biloxi Martin (7:00)

Northview at Gulf Breeze (7:00)

Jay at Wewahitchka (7:00)

Holmes County at Freeport (7:00)

St. John's CD at Rocky Bayou (7:00) Conf.

Cottondale at South Walton (7:00)

Walton at Arnold (7:00)

Baker off

Navarre off

T.R. Miller at Hillcrest-Evergreen (7:00) (1-3A)

Clarke Co. at Flomaton (7:00) (1-3A)

Bayside at Mobile Christian (7:00) (1-3A)

W.S. Neal at Satsuma (7:00) (1-4A)

Atmore at Monroe Co. (7:00) (1-4A)

Escambia Academy at Pickens Academy (7:00) (AISA-2)


Friday, Sept. 16 (Week 4)

Catholic at Milton (7:30)

Tate at PHS (7:30)

Pace at Washington (7:30) HC WFGX

Baker at Walton (7:00)

Navarre at Choctaw (7:00)

Gulf Breeze at Pine Forest (7:30)

Rutherford at FWB (7:00)

WFT at Mosley (7:00) 1-5A

Int'l School of Broward at Crestview (7:00)

Bassfield, MS at Niceville (7:00) HC

Escambia at N.O. Jesuit (7:30)

Chipley at Northview (7:00)

W. Gadsden at Jay (7:00)

N. Bay Haven at Freeport (7:00) HC

Blountstown at South Walton (7:00) 3-1A

Rocky Bayou off

Mobile Christian at T.R. Miller (7:00) (1-3A)

Flomaton at Cottage HIll (7:00) (1-3A)

Excel at Bayside (7:00) (1-3A)

Calhoun at W.S. Neal (7:00) (1-4A)

Atmore at Andalusia (7:00) (1-4A)

Jackson Academy at Escambia Academy (7:00) (AISA-2)


Thursday, Sept. 22 (Week 5)

Choctaw at Arnold (7:00)

Friday, Sept. 23 (Week 5)

PHS at Catholic (7:30)

Tate at Niceville (7:00) WFGX

Gulf Breeze at WFT (7:00)

Pine Forest at Milton (7:30)

FWB at Navarre (7:30)

Washington at Bay (7:00)

Rocky Bayou at Baker (7:00)

Crestview at Pace (7:30)

L.C. Columbia at Escambia (7:30)

Jay at Graceville (7:00)

Northview at Van Cleave, MS (7:00)

Walton off

Freeport off

South Walton off?(also Oct 21)

T.R. Miller at Tallassee (7:00)

Flomaton off

Bayside off

Carroll at W.S. Neal (7:0)

Amore at Hillcrest Evergreen (7:00)

Resurrection Academy (MS) at Escambia Academy (7:00)


Friday, Sept. 30 (Week 6)

Pine Forest at Escambia (7:30) HC 1-6A WFGX

Tate at Washington (7:30) 1-6A

Milton at Gulf Breeze (7:00) 2-6A

Navarre at Pace (7:30) 2-6A

FWB at Niceville (7:00) 3-6A

Bay at PHS (7:30) 1-5A

Florida HS at Catholic (7:30) 1-3A

Crestview at Choctaw (7:00) 3-6A

Baker at Jay (7:00) 1-1A

Freeport at South Walton (7:00) HC 3-1A

Rocky Bayou at John Paul II (6:00CT) Conf

Northview at Maplesville, AL (7:00)

Walton at Rutherford 1-4A

WFT off

T.R. Miller at Excel (7:00) (1-3A)

Mobile Christian at Flomaton (7:00) (1-3A)

Hillcrest Evergreen at Bayside (7:00) (1-3A)

W.S. Neal at Monroe Co. (7:00) (1-4A)

Satsuma at Atmore (7:00) (1-4A)

Escambia Academy off


Friday, Oct. 7 (Week 7)

WFT at Catholic (7:30)

Navarre at Escambia (7:30)

Pace at Tate (7:30)

Baker at South Walton (7:00)

Milton at Crestview (7:00) WFGX

Walton at Gulf Breeze (7:00)

Jay at Cottondale (7:00)

Lafayette-Mayo at Freeport (7:00)

St. Francis at Rocky Bayou (7:00) Conf

Northview at Liberty County (7:00)

Niceville off

Choctaw off

FWB off

PHS off

Pine Forest off

Washington off

Flomaton at T.R. Miller (7:00) (1-3A)

Bayside at Cottage Hill (7:00) (1-3A)

W.S. Neal at UMS-Wright (7:00) (1-4A)

Atmore at Thomasville (7:00) (1-4A)

Escambia Academy at Clarke Prep (7:00) (AISA-2)


Friday, Oct. 14 (Week 8)

Escambia at Tate (7:30) 1-6A

Washington at Pine Forest (7:30) 1-6A

Pace at Gulf Breeze (7:00) 2-6A

Milton at Navarre (7:30) 2-6A

Niceville at Choctaw (7:00) 3-6A

Crestview at FWB (7:00) 3-6A

Bay at WFT (7:00) 1-5A

PHS at Arnold (7:00) 1-5A

Catholic at Taylor County (6:00 CT) 1-3A

Jay at Northview (7:00) HC 1-1A

Chipley at Baker (7:00) WFGX

Freeport at Blountstown (7:00) 3-1A

Rocky Bayou at Munroe Day (7:00ET?) Conf

South Walton at Port St. Joe 3-1A

Marianna at Walton 1-4A

T.R. Miller at Bayside (7:00) (1-3A)

Excel at Flomaton (7:00) (1-3A)

Andalusia at W.S. Neal (7:00) (1-4A)

Carroll at Atmore (7:00) (1-4A)

Escambia Academy at Lighthouse (FL)


Friday, Oct. 21 (Week 9)

Choctaw at Tate (7:30)

Catholic at Washington (7:30)

Pine Forest at Niceville (7:00)

Lighthouse Academy at Baker (7:00)

Arnold at WFT (7:00) 1-5A

PHS at Mosley (7:00) 1-5A

FWB at Bay (7:00)

Delray American Heritage at Navarre (7:30) HC WFGX

Bozeman at Freeport (7:00) 3-1A

Rocky Bayou at Jay (7:00)

Walton at Northview (7:00)

Crestview off

Escambia off

Gulf Breeze off

Milton off

Pace off

South Walton off?(also Sep 23)

T.R. Miller at Clarke Co. (7:00) (1-3A)

Bayside at Flomaton (7:00) (1-3A)

Atmore at W.S. Neal (7:00) (1-4A)

Autauga Academy at Escambia Academy (7:00) (AISA-2)


Friday, Oct. 28 (Week 10)

Escambia at Washington (7:30) 1-6A

Tate at Pine Forest (7:30) 1-6A

Gulf Breeze at Navarre (7:30) 2-6A

Pace at Milton (7:30) HoF 2-6A

Choctaw at FWB (7:00) 3-6A

Niceville at Crestview (7:00) 3-6A

WFT at PHS (7:30) 1-5A WFGX

Northview at Baker (7:00) 1-1A

Port St. Joe at Freeport (7:00) 3-1A

Aucilla Christian at Rocky Bayou (7:00) Conf

South Walton at Bozeman 3-1A

East Gadsden at Walton 1-4A

Catholic off

Jay off

W.S. Neal at T.R. Miller (7:00)

Flomaton at Luverne (7:00)

Bayside at Carroll (7:00)

Faith Academy at Atmore (7:00)

Bessemer Academy at Escambia Academy (7:00) (AISA-2)


Friday, Nov. 4 (Week 11) (Last Week of Regular Season)

Catholic at Pace (7:30) HC

Mosley at Choctaw HC (7:00)

Navarre at Niceville (7:00) WFGX

Escambia at PHS (7:30)

Washington at WFT (7:00)

Trinity Christian Academy at Pine Forest (7:30)

Leon at FWB (7:00)

Liberty County at Baker (7:00)

Gulf Breeze at Crestview (7:00)

Escambia at PHS (7:30)

Arnold at Milton (7:00) HC

Freeport at Rocky Bayou (7:00)

Jay at South Walton (7:00)

Bay at Walton (7:00)

Northview off

Tate off

Alabama 1st round playoffs


Friday, Nov 11 (First Round of Florida Playoffs)

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