Historic run continues at Flomaton

The Historic run continues at Flomaton (Source: WEAR-TV)

They've been playing football at Flomaton since 1925, but this is the first time they've ever been able to practice for a state semifinal.

Friday's grind it out 12-10 win at Pike County made history, and they knew it.. "When the confetti went up in the air we all knew what was going on. Everybody was on the ground. Most of us couldn't believe we had done that though", said senior receiver/defensive back Quincie McCall.

Of course, there is more football to play, and they've been getting ready for it amid a frenzied atmosphere.

"Everybody is just pumped, I've never seen anything like this. There's banners hanging everywhere, you walk to the lunchroom they've got writing all over the wall. I've never seen anything like this", said senior defensive tackle Micah Boyette.

Head Coach Doug Vickery said, "Before practice, after practice we've got all these things going on, but town is fired up, but the kinds have done really well buying in and knowing it's just a normal week. Monday and Tuesday were awesome days of practice, so that makes me feel good".

The Hurricanes will be hosting Providence Christian in the semifinals.

The biggest challenge in preparing for the Eagles is their old school, Double Wing offense. They like to grind it out and hold on to the football. In their win last week over Gordo, they had possession for over 35 of the 48 minutes.

"It's a huge challenge, you have to get your kids to buy in because it's a very physical offense.

It's like getting in a boxing match with Mike Tyson in a phone booth", said Vickery.

The Hurricanes certainly have been playing inspired football. Defensively they're giving up just ten points a game in the playoffs, and on offense junior quarterback Daquan Johnson is rolling up big numbers.

It's all earned these Hurricanes, it's a magical Friday night in Flomaton.

"The town is really excited so it's going to be a lot of fun for these kids, something they'll remember the rest of their lives", said Vickery.

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