Vasquez a marvel for Milton

Vasquez a marvel for Milton

As a transfer from Escambia, Brennan Vasquez turned in a nice junior season last year, but as a senior he's been off the charts good for Milton. Vasquez has raised his batting average over 200 points to a phenomenal .483 with seven home runs. Vasquez often carries the Panthers offense, but you won't find an ounce of big time attitude here.

Vasquez is also a force defensively at catcher, and if that's not enough, he's been dominant as a pitcher. He's only allowed four earned runs in 43 innings.

As great as he is on the field, Vasquez is even more impressive academically. He scored a 34 on the ACT as a 10th grader and has a 4.58 weighted GPA. It's earned him a spot in the Ivy League where he'll attend Brown University. Vasquez said balancing baseball and school can be a blur, but his parents insisted on the academic discipline to make it happen.

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