Cowart making big impact at PSC

Cowart making big impact at PSC. (Source: WEAR-TV)

Earning a comparison to Magic Johnson is about as good as it gets in basketball, and Pete Pena brought up one of the games greats to help explain just how versatile Shawndarius Cowart is proving.

"He doesn't have a position, I just say, you go there, then you go there, and he's there, and doing a great job where he is", said PSC Head Coach Pete Pena.

The freshman out of PHS. 18 games into his college career, has played four different positions, and leads Pensacola State in minutes, assists, steals, and rebounds.

All the production, at so many positions, means a lot of time on the floor.

Cowart is playing about 36 of the 40 minutes per game.

"Whatever Coach Pete says, I'm going ot do it. I'm not going to ask any questions, I'm just going to do it," said Cowart.

Cowart is scoring his share of points, almost 11 a game, but his assist numbers, 4.6 a night, stand out the most. That's just fine for a guy who would much rather dish it..

Cowart is blossoming quickly, but it took a jump start from Coach Pena to get it going.

"I remember the first time he got on me. He yelled at me at practice and I got mad. The next practice I showed him, I showed him, I showed him. I was scared to do something, but after that I came out of my shell and just started", said Cowart.

For now, it's mostly praise coming from the coach, and that's working well too.

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