Pensacola kid gets national attention in ninja athletic competition

Ninja kid

A Pensacola youngster is making a name for himself in a sport that's a little off the beaten path, but he's on pace to gain some national attention.

Braidon Frederickson is an energetic 11-year-old. He plays baseball and football, but he found his true sport while watching "American Ninja Warrior" on TV.

"I was climbing around on stuff, being crazy," Braidon said.

Braidon took it it immediately. Last summer, he entered a United Ninja Athlete Association Competition. He did well enough to qualify for the regionals, competing against far more experienced young ninjas.

"They thought he'd be doing it for years, not three to four months," Frederickson said.

Braidon qualified for the UNAA Worlds later this month in New Mexico. He's one of 40 who made it out of 600 who tried. He's taken to a sport that appears to be a perfect fit for several reasons.

The Fredericksons invite other youngsters to train and plans are in the works to open a gym, including ninja training.

What started as a fun pastime has gotten serious - to a point.

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