Spotlight: Derek Marshman, 10/14/14

Spotlight: Derek Marshman, 10/14/14

Derek Marshman had to really hit the ground running as Northview's head coach. He got the job just a few days before fall practice started, but it's going well in Bratt and no one should be surprised.

Derek grew up in the Chumuckla area and the initiation to football started early.

He played youth ball up in Century, but for high school it was Pace. Learning from the legendary Mickey Lindsey.

The start of his coaching career coincided with a special time at Northview.

hired as an assistant in 2010, Marshman was defensive coordinator when the chiefs won state two years later.

After a one season detour to a school in Chattanooga, he returned to Northview in January of 2015 and six months later Head Coach Sid Wheatley would be compelled to leave for a job in his native Mississippi.

The players were initially stunned by the departure of the popular Wheatley, but the announcement of his successor quickly softened the blow.

A first time head coach at just 29 years old and having to take over just days before the start of fall practice, he still made it a smooth transition.

For one thing Marshman didn't need to win over the players, they were already sold.

He knew how he wanted to handle the job, but he's also willing to make some adjustments.

He also said he's learning to dial down his intensity at times, although the players are not quickly buying that one.

And that's what made week at Maplesville so tough to swallow.

In a hostile environment against Alabama’s defensing state champs, Marshman was ejected after questioning a call in the 3rd quarter,

Following his ejection, fearing an unruly situation, Northview principal pulled the team off the field.

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