Spotlight: Navarre High School, 11/3/17

The excellence just keeps coming at Navarre. Dating back to 2015, the Raiders have won 29 of their last 33 games.

Come playoff time, Jay Walls' team is one to watch again.

Back on October 6, Navarre was well on the way to making it 6 - 0 on the season, but a 27 - 0 on Escambia crashed in a hurry.

The Gators' stunning comeback was definitely a jolt to the system, but they just as quickly spun it to a positive.

One constant Navarre is relying on is big plays from Dante Wright. The junior receiver averages over 20 yards a catch.

They also hand it to him to the tune of almost 17 yards a carry. Add in 23 yards a pop on kick returns and 17 plus on punt returns... you get the idea.

Wright is also being asked to play a lot of defensive back and is shining there as well. His skills as a receiver provide the guidance.

Josh Carter is another big difference maker for the Raiders. Also just a junior, Carter was all-area on the defensive line last season, but they needed him as a linebacker this year and he's delivering.

After a bit of a learning curve, he's found a groove and tops the team in tackles.

Sage Chambers broke his collarbone last season twice, but the quarterback has come back strong as a senior.

His numbers may not jump off the page, but make no mistake he's a pivotal guy for the team.

Development on the defensive line has also been a key for the Raiders. It's a young group, but very productive.

Defense is probably the biggest factor in how far this team may go. Inconsistent at times, too many big plays for Coach Walls' liking, but they seem to have kicked it up a notch in the last few weeks.

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