M-Braves Phenom with unique baseball background

M-Braves Phenom with unique baseball background

Mike Soroka is Canadian, that's hockey country. Growing up in Calgary, he naturally had dreams of becoming an NHL player, but he eventually realized that baseball was really his sport.

Soroka was good enough to make the Canadian National Junior Team as a 16-year-old. They came to Florida in the spring to compete against professional minor league teams, and even got a few chances to play the Major League Toronto Blue Jays.

A first round draft pick by the Atlanta Braves in 2015, Soroka has progressed quickly. He skipped over the High A level into Double A this year along with fellow 19-year-old Kolby Allard.

Both are all-stars, but Soroka sports the better numbers. He's 8-3, and his 2.23 ERA ranks 3rd in the league.

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