Insurance readiness for hurricane season

Create a home inventory to help with insurance claims. (Photo: WEAR-TV)

Home and business owners filed more than 924,000 insurance claims after Hurricane Irma in 2017.

During a hurricane, two kinds of property insurance may apply.

If your roof leaks or rain gets in through a broken window, your homeowner's insurance should cover it as windstorm damage.

Rising water coming in over your threshold requires a separate flood insurance policy.

If you're renting, talk to an agent about renters insurance.

Your landlord's policy probably won't cover your personal belongings.

Christina Leavenworth explains a step you can take now to help you file a claim.

If you have to make an insurance claim, you'll need to know exactly what you lost.

Creating a home inventory now.will make that job easier.

Insurance advisors suggest listing everything in your home, from carpet and drapes to furniture, appliances, and knick-knacks.

Include a brief description, the price you paid, when you bought it, and the serial number, if it has one.

Attach receipts, if you have them.

One approach is go to room by room taking video of everything, describing each item as you go.

When you first start, it can seem overwhelming, so take it in stages.

Insurance agents will remind you that an incomplete inventory is better than nothing.

If you have expensive jewelry or a valuable collection, talk to your agent. Those items may need to be covered separately.

Once you have your inventory, keep a copy in your emergency kit, along with your insurance policies.

Be sure to store another copy outside your home. Leave it with a friend or upload the records to a cloud account.

It does you no good if it's damaged or destroyed.

Review your property insurance coverage now.

You won't be able to buy a policy or make changes when a storm is in the Gulf.

After the storm, document any damage with photos or video and call your insurance company.

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