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Stay or go: Evacuation zones & shelters in Northwest Florida


When a tropical storm or hurricane is in the Gulf and headed your way, you have decisions to make. One of the big ones is do you ride it out at home or evacuate?

Your county leaders have identified coastal evacuation zones, which are the areas at greatest risk of dangerous storm surge and catastrophic damage.

Plan to leave if you live in one of those evacuation zones, if you live in a mobile home, or if you have any doubts that your home could survive.

If someone in your home has special needs, especially where a long-term power outage could cause harm considering evacuating. Each county has a designated special needs shelter, if you have nowhere else to go.

Click here to connect to Escambia County Hurricane Shelters.

Santa Rosa County Shelters:

Okaloosa County Shelter Information:

The choice to stay or go is yours. Strongly consider the risks of your particular situation before making that decision.

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