Utility dangers after a hurricane

Utility crews working on Palafox Street (Photo: Pensacola Energy)

Natural gas homes have certain advantages during big storms.

If the electricity goes out, you can still use your stove, air conditioner, and hot water.

Also, Pensacola Energy says its gas lines into the home are buried deeper than other utilities making disruptions to service rare.

However large trees next to the service line can put you at risk.

Janice Caple with Pensacola Energy said, "If that tree falls or tilts, if it's near that gas service line, it's going to bring that gas service line up. It's going to uproot it. If something like that should happen, we recommend calling our 24-hour customer service number, 474-5300, so that we may get out to your property and secure everything and make sure everything is safe for you."

Gulf Power has hardened its grid, but outages are expected during a major hurricane.

The company has an outage map online to show you the status of repairs.

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