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When to review your home insurance coverage

Photo source: MGN

The time to review your insurance coverage is before a named storm forms. You won't be able to buy insurance or change your policy when a storm is in the Gulf.

Most homeowner policies cover windstorm damage, but when it comes to flood damage, how the water gets in determines whether that windstorm coverage will apply.

If your roof leaks or rain comes in through a broken window, your homeowner's insurance should cover it.

If the water comes in over your threshold -- whether from storm surge, a rising river, or blocked drains -- that requires a separate flood insurance policy.

If you're renting, talk to an agent about renters insurance. Your landlord's policy may not cover your personal belongings.

Take photos or video of your home and property before the storm, to support your claim, and make sure you take insurance documents with you, if you evacuate.

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