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Who are you going to call? Communication during a hurricane

Photo source: WEAR-TV

Keeping devices charged is just one challenge of communicating after a storm. Power is out, cell towers may be damaged, and phone lines downed.

Take some time now to think about who you'll want to keep updated in the aftermath. Make a paper list with phone numbers, email addresses, and social media accounts for family, friends, employers, and schools.

If you can, back up everything on your smartphone or other devices to the cloud.

When it comes to family, designate one person as the primary contact. You check in with that person, and he or she get that information to everyone else.

It'll save your phone batteries and free your time to deal with any damage.

Keep your phone and other devices safe and dry during the storm. Consider waterproof cases or seal them in watertight bags, so they can't get damaged by rain or flooding.

Save your battery by dimming the screen and turning off unnecessary apps.

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