Temperatures continuing to fall

Highs in the 40s & 50s with lows in the 30s!

Showers will become scattered through this afternoon and more numerous to widespread by the evening. Due to the lack of rain over the past couple of weeks, the ground is not saturated and most rain that falls will be absorbed. That being said, low lying areas and poor drainage areas that are prone to flooding may see isolated flash flooding over the next three days, but that will not be widespread. Though we will see rain, there is no risk for severe weather.

The main story behind this cold front is the BIG cool down! By this afternoon our temperatures will be roughly 30 degrees cooler in just 24 hours. High temperatures over the next three days will not climb out of the low 50s with low temperatures in the 30s & 40s. Temperatures will continue falling through the afternoon on Wednesday with afternoon temps pushing to reach 50 degrees.

Along and behind this cold front our winds will increase drastically as we could see gusts up to 30 mph. With windy conditions, our "feels like" temperatures will be 4-8° cooler than the actual temperature.

Wintry Precipitation? With temperatures falling to the freezing mark or a couple degrees above that early Friday morning, along with numerous showers, it is possible to have a mix precipitation fall, but NO accumulation. Our main precipitation type will be rain, but sleet mixed in is not ruled out, especially inland.

With the cold area dipping down to the Gulf Coast, be sure to bring the pets inside and protect the plants!

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